Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Treatment in Surrey

brazilian blow dry keratin treatment in surrey

This is an amazing treatment to tame damaged and frizzy hair, which leaves it glossy, shiny and far more easy to manage. If you are looking for a Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Treatment in Surrey then you have come to the right place.

The product repairs, rebuilds, and hydrates hair providing a soft and silky effect. No more bad hair days!

For this fantastic treatment I use Inoar Keratin products, read more about this treatment below.

It is more advanced than the traditional keratin treatment. The traditional keratin treatment required 3 or 4 days before washing the hair. This new product means the hair can be washed after about an hour.

Keratin is the key structural component of hair, making up approximately 88% of your hair. It is a natural substance that penetrates the hair to repair damage and restores the hair to prevent further damage.
Its suitable for all hair types including coloured, bleached, relaxed, chemically treated, grey, curly and afro hair.
Yes they comply with all safety and legal limits.
It takes 1.5 – 2.5 hours depending on the length of your hair.
They last 2 – 4 months depending on the original condition of your hair, the texture of your hair and how well your hair absorbs the keratin. It also depends on how many previous treatments you have had and the use of the right after-care products, and also avoiding salt water, such as sea water. You will see an amazing difference after just one treatment but if treatments are repeated the benefits of the treatment will last longer and less treatments will be required.
Yes, salt free (sodium chloride and sulphate) shampoos and conditioners should be used at home after the treatment to maintain and extend the life of the treatment.
No, the Brazilian blow-dry keratin treatment is designed to improve hair condition, leaving it shiny, soft and easy to manage.
It costs from £90.